I am curious to know why taking responsibility is such a terrifying thought. I imagine several scenarios – If I take responsibility everyone will discover
I was never really in charge.
I will have to bear the burden of possible failure.
I will have to face the truth that I do not have a clue about faith.
I will have to admit I am not the boss …

Whatever the manifestation, the root cause is the same: fear. Yes, the big hoary bold champ is afraid to venture out of his comfort zone. So he keeps putting that trip off.
Keeps putting that move off.
Keeps putting that business idea off.
Keeps putting that relationship off.
Keeps stalling… Postponing… Too busy…

Fear robs us of our tomorrow by closing us in in yesterday. Fear is bondage. It is death in small doses.

I have not discovered a more effective antidote than taking action in spite of the fear. It is very liberating to turn fear to fuel – a huge fire that drives you forward. Heat that keeps you on the run. What is that thing you fear most? Do it!

Get out of that debilitating relationship.
Get out of that job you sigh through.
Start that new business.
Stop wasting your life.

This is the morning of your life. Start over. I am.


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Giving your best

June 18, 2013

Every morning you see is a new beginning. A chance to start over.  A chance to get it right. The dawn swallows every shadow of fear and doubt. Dawn blots out all pain and anxiety.  Light brings fresh dew to water your seed. This is the right time to sow good seed.  Giving your best this morning ensures the rest of your day.  It is the first fruit of your glorious day.

Today, my mind is made up to give the very best in communion with God … his voice and face drown out all else. All i see is you Lord!

I give you my best in love

My best in trust

My best in holiness and excellence

My best in commitment and service

My best in perseverance and endurance

My best in gifts …

I shower you with gifts my love.

You are all I see Lord.  You fill my heart. Conversations with you are the high points of my life.  I follow you in simple faith … no questions asked. None needed. You guide me, I follow sure.  Your faith has made me strong. I will trust in you.

Thank you for giving me a place at your altar. I am highly honoured.  I am complete.


Many situations will come at you. Some expected, some not wanted. Some ochestrated, some random.

I have found that considering the situation with confident calm yields far better results than emotional panic. I have come a long way from acceptance that “I am very emotional.” Being able to delete that badge has freed me to chose how I react or respond to situations I face.

Freedom sure trumps slavery to emotions. I am in a good place.


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3 years… 3 reasons

March 11, 2013

Its been 3 years since and 3 reasons. And for every one of those reasons, there are 3 reasons why I should have persisted.

I have so much to say, so much bottled up inside. So many experiences I would like to share… hopefully someone would like to hear these too.

Yes, a lot has changed since I took a short hop across the coast to Abidjan. Re-immersed in my adopted language of romance… we do not ignore the multiple colorful accents that flavor it here. 3 years on, I am still trying to tear myself away from my ever beckoning outlook to enjoy the ride. Oh well, I can take back my life anytime I choose. I need to sell me this:-)

Today, I got another wake up call, and really, I need to sit up and listen. I have my little girl to take care of…

Okay, so we have freedom of expression. When your freedom takes away another’s freedom forever, what is the currency of your freedom?

So we were happily celebrating our 50, and some who want to be named among the Nigerian nation chose to kill Nigeria’s children? Correct me if I am wrong: you do not show your love for Nigeria by killing her children.

Okay, so you were angry with the happiest people on earth who dared to celebrate when you said they should mourn? They made a choice just like you did. I might feel a whole lot better than I do now if someone explains to me in simple language I can understand how the death of those 8 Nigerians, the anguish of their families or the pain of those wounded in the attacks will resolve the issues that we deal with.

Will their death end the crippling polution in the Niger delta? Will it end the devastation of illegal drilling and bunkering in this oil rich environment with the poorest living conditions world over? Could these deaths answer the question of the inexistence of electricity despite the huge spend that continues to go to the moribund PHCN? Would it respond to the conspiracy to perpetuate the no power situation so former vice presidents can continue to enjoy the benefits of their lucrative electric generator business?

Will their bodies or the tears and pain of their families build much needed roads? Will they respond to the need for affordable accomodation or curb the rabid greed of the politicians who do not see beyond their beer bellies and their illigal loot hidden away in real estate and fixed deposit accounts? Could their death finally bring a change to our failing education system or cause the unschooled decision makers to wake up to the reality of a country of uneducated and unengaged human resources…

The tragedy… 8 more families in pain. 8 more families disenfranchised. 8 more families wondering which way to turn, when the pain will end.

The tragedy… my country. Nigeria

Hello Naija, its Jubilee!

September 30, 2010

Naija Stars

I am really excited today! There are a couple of reasons. Number one is that in spite of all the challenges and troubles of my beloved Nigeria, we have a lot to be thankful for:

Me! I am a Nigerian and I turned out really good. My husband is one more great example of the great Nigerians 🙂 My Pastor: great example to follow: Nigerian and awesome! I could go on and name all the great people including Pat Utomi and the wonderful young men and women who believe in Nigeria and are commited to her progress.

I believe in Nigeria.  I believe in her potential. I believe in her children. I believe. Naija you rock!!!

I celebrate the Nigeria talent… music, art, literature, science. Naija, you have it all.

I celebrate the Nigeria mind… philosopher, visionary, passionate, fearless, tenacious. Naija, you have it all.

I celebrate the future, the hope, the courage of Nigeria. I celebrate the pride of a country bowed but undaunted, laughing in the face of all her travails. Believeing in the face of all the conflict and blood and tears.  Holding her shoulders high before the plagues that should shame her.

Naija, you rock!!!

I celebrate you, I pray for you. I believe in you. I will represent you with dignity and love.


Driving with the enemy

September 29, 2009


I read an article titled ‘Recipe for Brain Damage’ or something like that recently.  The article claims that one of the ingredients for encouraging brain damage is having less than 5-6 hours of sleep every night.  This really got me thinking about the state of mind of Lagos drivers given our peculiar situation. 

Consider that the average commuter from the mainland into Victoria Island has to wake up at 4:30 am at the latest to head out 5:30ish.  This would be fine if he has the privilege of leaving work early enough to go to bed early.  As we all know this is hardly the case!  This commuter only gets to leave the office at 5:00pm if he is lucky arriving home between 9:00 – 11:00pm depending on where he lives. 

It gets worse for Mr. professional driver who has to drop ‘oga’ or ‘madam’ before heading home.  He could actually be on the road till midnight depending on where he lives.  Let’s not even discuss Mr. bus driver – yes, including those who drive the bankers and insurance company or staff of other organizations who are sensitive enough to understand that brain damaged staff are not the best recipe for productivity.

What does this mean for us? 2008-04-18 001 2008-01-01 004

1. Realize that the driver beside you is potentially brain damaged from sleep deprivation thanks to long hours spent in traffic and the noise and air pollution from generators

2. Realize that he/she probably knows nothing about driving rules and is totally focused on moving forward beside or through any obstacle including your vehicle… hmm

3. Realize that your fellow commuter is probably as frustrated as you are from having already spent one hour driving up to the bottleneck you both find yourselves in and just wants to get out of traffic

4. Realize that your fellow commuter could be the prospective client you are rushing to meet with… aha…

5. Realize that your reflexes are not as sharp as they should be thanks to sleep deprivation… yes, and possible brain damage, so be very careful.

On a final note, no matter how quickly you maneuver your way out of the current bottleneck, there is still one ahead… Keep smiling till Vision 202020 when all will be well. And Happy Independence Day!  Celebrate or mourn? Your choice.

Victoria on Traffic.